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Requires macOS 10.9+ or Windows 7 with internet access

Sample Scripts

These scripts are available for personal use only. No rights are given to share or sell any these scripts in either its original or altered form without the express permission of its owner.



  • Export panels headings as Page.Panel (i.e. "1.2" or "Panel 1.2")
  • Go directly to a page or panel by using the Page.Panel format in the Find toolbar


  • Allow Javascript-style regular expressions in find and replace
  • Highlight search matches while you edit
  • Fix importing images into new, unsaved documents
  • Fix duplicate comments when reopening a file


  • Auto-update is now optional. Open the preferences tab to turn it off.
  • Fix race condition causing tabs intermittently not to load
  • Updated dependencies


  • Fix autocomplete bug in scripts containing images
  • Fix images not showing on MacOS when they were imported into the script on Windows


  • Fix first special heading not exporting
  • Fix search matches in headings not highlighting


  • Fix license activation bug


  • Autocomplete is now toggled with Ctrl+Space instead of Alt key
  • Implemented autohide menu (Linux/Windows)
  • Implemented color themes (in preferences)
  • Implemented dictionary/thesaurus toolbar
  • Implemented in-app panel count per page (in preferences)
  • Implemented markdown-style "#" page headings
  • Implemented panel and word counts in page navigation (shown on hover)
  • Implemented preferences tab/window
  • Implemented script font selection (in preferences)
  • Implemented script page borders
  • Implemented tabs for all platforms
  • Moved word count settings to new preferences tab/window
  • Moved page navigation to left side of window and removed auto-hide
  • Remember open documents between sessions
  • Removed "Toggle Page View" from View menu and Touch bar
  • Removed "phone" from frontmatter attributes to improve Page/Panel autocomplete
  • Restyled bookmarks to be more obvious
  • Depricating special page headings: Characters, Notes, Outline and Summary. These will be removed in a future version. Be sure to convert them to "#" style.
  • Fix undo/redo bugs involving autoformatting
  • Fix editor not becoming editable immediately when starting a free trial


  • Added "Save and close" button to close window confirmation dialog
  • Implemented autosave (optional, toggle in File menu)
  • Implemented styling indicators for bold, italic, underline and strikethrough
  • Fix error when using menu commands while dialog is open


  • Fix automatic text transformation within lists
  • Fix broken nested lists
  • Fix missing strikethrough style
  • Fix tabs moving to new window on focus


  • Added toggle-able character numbering (in View menu)
  • Implemented tabbed windows (Mac only, depends on system preferences)
  • Experimental: Added special page headings: Characters, Notes, Outline and Summary
  • Fix styles, lists and newlines when using copy and paste
  • Fix race conditions when searching


  • Implemented character heading shortcut. Type just ":" to insert last used character, "::" for second to last used, and so on.
  • Implemented "Add to character list" and "Add to vocabulary list" in context menu.
  • Implemented page outline toggle button.
  • Added border to page tabs for when "page view" is turned off.
  • Removed smooth scrolling when using search bar.
  • Fix editor scrolling to top when window is resized.


  • Fix whitespace trimming of inline styles in dialog when exporting to PDF.


  • First public release.