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by Frederick Packard and Joshua Valliere

issue: 1

characters: Skylin



Panel 1

The Demon King sits on his throne drinking from his goblet.

His giant Serpent lurks ominously behind him in the shadows with eyes like 4 burning red flames.

skylin narration:

Eight hundred years ago, the six kingdoms were all ruled by the Demon King.


Panel 1

Wide shot of a large dragon like shadow flies over Ice Kingdom villagers as they look up in horror.

Skylin narration:

His cruelty overshadowed the continent as he destroyed anyone who opposed him.

Panels 2-3

Wide shot of destruction raining down on a Marshland village.

skylin narration:

All of the noble families were powerless against his armies, so they bowed to his will.

Chase (off panel):

Father wouldn’t kneel for no one!

Panel 4

The Demon King's Serpent drops Ice Kingdom soldiers into a deep canyon where they will surely perish.

skylin narration:

Shhh, who’s telling the story here...

chase (off panel):

Ooops sorry!


Panel 1

Children of the Volcanic Islands look up from the shore of their village after the Demon Serpent left only debris of their homes.

skylin narration:

The Demon King was so powerful, he took whatever he wanted from the Six Kingdoms.
Even little children as slaves, haha!

Panel 2

The Demon King flying on his Demon Serpent holding an all black jagged sword in his right hand and magic coming out of his left. They fly unhindered through a Mountainous Region city.

chase (off):

How is this supposed to help me sleep...

skylin narration:

You see, the Demon King had the only Serpent and was able to use powerful dark magic.

Panel 3

Wide shot of a Woodland Divide village on fire up high in a redwood like forest. The homes are like large tree houses.

skylin narration:

No one could resist him and whoever tried was never seen again.

chase (off):

Why couldn’t anybody stop him? Where are the Serpent Riders?

skylin narration:

I'm getting to that!


Panel 1

Six hooded figures are standing in front of an ancient obelisk with markings. They lay their offerings at the base of the obelisk.

Skylin narration:

The leaders of the six noble families journeyed to the floating city with offerings to the ancient ones.

Panel 2

Extreme wide shot of the showing the entire obelisk with a glow shooting straight up. The nobles are tiny in comparison and stand at the base of the obelisk.

Skylin narration:

When the spirits heard their prayers

Panel 3

Even more extreme wide shot showing a floating island above a beautiful night landscape. A beam of light shoots straight up from the island and lighting up the sky.

skylin narration:

A flood of light rushed up the obelisk and into the sky, cracking it open. The rift was seen across all the lands like a second sun.

Panel 4

Six Serpents in silhouette flying within a vortex of glowing clouds above the floating island.

Skylin narration:

And from the heavens, Six Serpents descended upon the floating city.

Panel 5

The Serpents approach the hooded nobles.

Skylin narration:

They bonded to their chosen riders, assuming the appearance of the lands they now belonged to.
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